The best flip screen vlogging cameras

For the process of vlogging to be the fun and more enjoyable, then you have to own the best flip screen vlogging camera. And there are so many options to choose from you just need to get something that best fits all the purposes that you have. Get something that will make the whole process a lot easier like if you get a flip screen vlogging camera that you can be able to connect with the phone that you are using it will be the best one. The flip screen is so helpful too because it will help get the right look. You can click here for some of the best flip screen vlogging cameras.

Canon PowerShot G7


The Canon PowerShot G7 is the best flip screen vlogging camera. It’s among the best because you will be able to take photos and videos with it at the same time. When you are taking pictures in a place that has less light, then it is possible because this camera does well in low light situations. You will not have to worry about you sharing the video because it has the Wi-Fi and NFC option. The best thing about this camera is that you will be able to see whatever you are recording because of the flip screen. The camera is 1080p, and it will be good for taking selfies too.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K

One of the best feature that this camera has that makes it stand out from the rest it’s that it has the pop-up feature and it will give you the option of shooting more than 4k videos. Also, the camera is fast because of the speed that it has its F/1.4 which will allow the owner get excellent videos even if the videos are being taken in low light. It does not have the Wi-Fi, but this does not mean it’s not the best. It’s the best when it comes to vlogging.

Nikon COOLPIX A900


One thing that makes the Nikon COOLPIX A900 stand out it’s that you will be able to tilt the camera while still using it fully. The sharing also is fast and very easy because it has the Wi-Fi option and the Bluetooth as well so if you are in a hurry there are two options that you can use to share the videos or pictures. It has an excellent 35x optical zoom, and you will be able to zoom at any time, and the image will not be blurred.



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