One vitamin you do not want to miss in your nutritional plan is vitamin A. This vitamin is fat-soluble hence the body will store it in fat cells for future use. Taking high doses is not advisable as it can be toxic. Most people, however, do not meet the minimum necessary for the body. This vitamin helps with improving your overall cell growth and development, maintain a healthy immune system and vision as well.

Here are the major sources of vitamin A


The liver is a rich source of vitamin A. Lamb liver, beef liver or liver sausage can all provide you with this vital nutrient. An ounce of liver provides 200% of your daily vitaminA intake. Serving 100 gram give you 800% of your need. You should eat liver at least once a week, and you will keep your vitaminA intake in check.


Fatty species of fish should be part of your diet plan, and mackerel also boosts the level of this vitamin in your body. Mackerel fish provides up to 43% of the body’s total daily vitaminA intake. For every serving, there are 388 milligrams of vitamin A.

Cheddar cheese

This dairy product is high in vitamin A giving about 10% of your daily needs in a single slice. Having larger servings of cheddar cheese gives up to 37% of the intake recommended for your body daily.


Another delicious food that is a great source of this important vitamin is salmon fish. Like its mackerel counterpart salmon provide vitamin A as well as omega fatty acid. This fish should not miss in your diet if you need to boost the level of vitamin A in your body. Whichever of the fish you choose, you can be sure to get what you need.


healthleftasdfghjMost people think that butter should not be consumed because it has a high saturated fat content thus not good for the body. However, if butter is taken in little quantities, it helps to elevate the body’s overall intake of vitamin A. A tablespoon of butter, for instance, provide about 11% of your body’s daily intake. Ensure you only take a tablespoon of butter daily to get your level of vitamin A on track.

If you lack this vitamin, then it is time to review your diet plan and introduce some of these foods. These food are readily available so it should not be a hassle to find them.